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Are you looking to sustainably increase your online revenues fast? Then come and work with us! We offer a global team of experts, decades of experience and a proprietary technology-stack that translates a complex online-advertising world into a streamlined path to revenue growth.

  • ADX Floor Price Optimization
  • Header Bidding
  • Plug-N-Play Ad-Frameworks
  • SSP Access
  • Revenue Analytics Dashboard


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Who we are

PubStream is built by a global team of online revenue experts with diverse backgrounds. We have worked with publishers of all sizes for more than a decade and absorbed the fast paced changes of the developing advertising eco-system into our proprietary technology and skillset.

We know that the internet is full of ‘revenue boost promises’ and that publishers are rightly wary of many of these claims. At PubStream, we have worked with more than 200 publishers worldwide helping them increase their revenues and sustain long-term growth. We are fully transparent in our practices. We achieve 30% revenue increases on average for our publishers in the short term, and we do so sustainably and with careful integration into our publishers’ overall business case.


ADX Floor Price Optimization

Floor price optimizations have consequences beyond Ad Exchange. They impact the bidding behavior of other utilized SSPs. Our holistic approach optimizes floors by pulling in a wider range of data points to determine the actual impact of such optimization across the entire SSP setup.

  • Machine learning supported, continuous multivariate testings.
  • Up to 50% CPM uplift without ad cannibalization.
  • Model/forecasting of CPM volatilities (month to month & year over year).
  • Fully automated, flexible process that can be selectively implemented.

Ad-Framework & Header-Bidding

Effectively control the intricate details of your revenue-stack. Use our proprietary infrastructure for maximum inventory control with minimum effort and complexity.

  • Fully integrate Amazon Publisher Services’ SSP in prebid
  • Combine lazy-loading with prebid header-bidding
  • Proprietary ad-fraud detection
  • Lightning fast pre-bid integration
  • You host = you are in control

Fair Demand-Access Platform

Most of our publishers are large enough to have their own SSP access. We also work with a growing number of high quality publishers that struggle to get fair access to top SSPs due to their size. We have created a Fair Access Platform that offers access to top SSPs, such as Google AdExchange, Appnexus or Amazon Publisher Services, at very attractive rates.

  • Direct access to Google Ad Exchange©, AppNexus™ & Amazon Publisher Services
  • Easy to understand performance dashboard
  • Challenge performance promises with hard data
  • Factoring options to enhance your cash-flow
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Why ADX Floor Price Optimization?

Value is not fixed

The value of an ad impression in the programmatic ecosystem is volatile and unique. It changes depending on seasonality, external effects, time of day, geolocation, placement and buyer persona – to name just a few.

All SSPs are affected

Ad Exchange floor price optimizations have consequences beyond Ad Exchange, as they impact the bidding behavior of other SSPs.

Too many variables

How do you choose a pricing strategy that works reliably with so many unknown parameters?

This is why we have developed SmartPrice

PubStream’s self-learning algorithms optimize countless metrics in your AdManager (AdX) account and run continuous tests daily.

SmartPrice Technology is built for a holistic optimization that looks at the impact of floor prices across your entire SSP stack. This is one of the features that makes our approach superior to other optimization approaches. Even Google’s in-house optimization tool can’t match our success rate.

Publishers using SmartPrice consistently outperform their peers by 30% to 50%. We utilize 1,000s of data points sourced from historical data and external providers to perform continuous multivariate testing with hundreds of variations in parallel.

  • Self-Learning Algorithms
  • 1,000s of data points and 100s of variations
  • Continuous testing
  • Full stack impact analysis
  • 30-50% revenue uplift
  • Fast impact
  • Easy setup

What we can do for you

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Switching over from a reseller tripled my AppNexus earnings. I switched from AppNexus gross bids to net bids, which allowed AppNexus winning more impressions. I now earn as much from AppNexus as from Google.

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